Day 1: Introduction to BPMN

(Business Process Model and Notation)

  • Motivation: Why PiDiArtify® and the process-driven approach?
  • The principles of process automation
  • Difference of BPMN to flowcharts and other modeling languages
  • Syntax and semantics of BPMN
  • Explanation and overview of the basic BPMN elements

Day2: BPMN for advanced users

  • Advanced gateway modeling
  • Modeling of events
  • Error handling​
  • Modeling and use of sub-processes
  • BPMN Best Practices​

Day 3: The process-driven approach

(Process-Driven Approach – PDA)

  • What is PiDiArtify and how is the process-driven approach composed?
  • Appropriate architecture and how the process-driven approach supports modularization („Separation of concerns“)​
  • Illustration of the functioning of process-controlled applications on the basis of demos
  • The process-driven approach and current IT trends (IoT, KI, RPA, Microservices)​
  • Advantages/disadvantages of the application of the process-driven approach
  • When is the utilization of the process-driven approach recommended and when is it not?


The certification can be booked after completion of the 3-day workshop and serves to verify and test the knowledge and understanding of the process-driven approach according to PiDiArtify. The certification is not necessarily linked to the workshop and can also be booked separately.

Volker Stiehl

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