About us

730pm® is committed to revolutionize and simplify the digital transformation. In doing so, 730pm® is applying the latest scientific knowledge in the field of digital transformation and business process optimization.

730pm® is the first and only company worldwide that offers the PiDiArtify® methodology, founded by its shareholder and university professor Prof. Dr. Stiehl. Solely the PiDiArtify® methodology enables a sustainable, efficient, high-quality and fully transparent digital transformation. Innovation is enhanced, costs reduced and the ability to flexibly react to market changes  is created.

The new method, the process-driven approach based on PiDiArtify®, essentially differs from conventional methods for the implementation of business processes as processes are no longer programmed but modeled and executed based on these models. In addition to a significantly reduced implementation time of processes, this approach guarantees high-quality software with full transparency during execution.

The goal and mission of 730pm® is to support companies on the path of the process-driven approach and thus provide for an increase in productivity in software development that is urgently required, especially considering demographic developments along with political and economic uncertainties. For this purpose, 730pm® has established a partner network of licensed consulting firms and implementation partners with experts trained and certified by 730pm®.


Christoph Lubkoll

Shareholder, Managing Director & Enabler

Several decades in IT and in leading management responsibility at the SIEMENS and AUDI AG groups, among others. Since leaving AUDI AG: Offender by conviction. With a focus on promoting process-driven developments of complex business solutions.

Mission :   DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION is much more powerful than pure DIGITALIZATION.
Vision    :  With PDA & PiDiArtify: Processes always up-to-date.

Volker Stiehl

Dr. Volker Stiehl

Shareholder, Managing Director & Visionary

Over 30 years in the IT and technology industry as a developer, senior systems architect and in product management at prestigious companies such as Siemens and SAP. Professorship for Business Informatics and Enterprise Application Development at the Technical University in Ingolstadt.

Focus on process-driven development of complex enterprise solutions.