Certificate program


The certification ensures the development of architecturally sustainable, transparent and high-quality processes and business applications, that are planned, implemented, maintained and operated by exceptionally well trained personnel. Process Engines and development environments are being used, in which the development of ideal process-driven applications is possible. This is what PiDiArtify® stands for!

The label "PiDiArtified" is obtained through a certification. No process or process application receives the PiDiArtified award if it has not been verified by us or licensed partners as such in accordance with the PiDiArtify quality criteria. But not only processes and process applications can be awarded in this quality way. Also project managers, software architects, process consultants, process developers or operators of process solutions can (and should) be certified accordingly.

This is certainly one of the main distinguishing features of the process-driven approach compared to alternative solutions. In alternative approaches, the BPMN notation scope is regularly restricted since certain BPMN constructs are ostensibly either too complicated or not needed. But this is a misconception. Especially in the real world, the entire BPMN notation is highly relevant for process modeling. Without ifs and buts. Consequently, companies that want to have their process engine certified according to the PiDiArtify quality criteria have to face the entire BPMN standard. However, the experience in dealing with process engines also shows that currently manufacturers of process engines actually still have problems to cover the entire BPMN standard. Therefore an additional subdivision into gold, silver and bronze certificates takes place depending on how well the manufacturers succeed in being able to execute at least the most important BPMN constructs. In summary, the PiDiArtify certification stands for a new holistic quality standard for the implementation of processes and process applications!

PiDiArtify® Certificate program

Individual / personal certifications regarding understanding, knowledge, and application of the process-driven approach: 

  • Consultant (Standard)
  • Consultant (Premium)
  • Process Manager
  • Architect
  • Developer 
  • Trainer

Product-related certifications regarding functionality and scope of services with regard to the correct and complete implementation of the BPMN standard and the implementation of the process-driven approach:

  • Applications 
  • Business Processes 
  • Process Engines 
  • Development Environments 

Individual / Personal certification - procedure

The basic procedure for completing BPMN and PDA training followed by personal PiDiArtify® certification is as follows:


Individual / Personal certification - project roles

Consultant (Standard) and Consultant (Premium)


Can advise customers on the process-driven approach, design business processes and assist with modeling.
(Presentation of the process-driven approach).

Consultant Premium: Identical to PiDiArtify® Consultant plus the additional ability to explain a demo on the Process Driven Approach.

Process Manager


Can describe, implement, optimize new and existing business processes in BPMN alone as well as in collaboration with other business and/or IT experts, identifying and modeling the ideal process.

Able to read, execute, monitor but also evaluate, adapt and extend business processes (PiDiArtified).



Able to design and implement process application architecture and integrate existing customer IT systems.

(Creation & architectural development of a process solution, addressing alternative architectural approaches and trends).



Is able to independently develop process applications using the process driven approach.

(Development of a compete process-driven application).

Trainer / Education


We also offer "train the trainer" training and certification upon request.

Is authorized to teach trainings on the process-driven approach according to PiDiArtify®.

Prerequisite is the successfully completed certification depending on the role of the later training (Consultant (Premium), Architect or Developer)

Individual / Personal certification - Provision

Once the examination has been successfully completed, the candidate is issued with an individual certificate confirming certification in accordance with the PiDiArtify quality standard, as well as proof of certification in digital form. The PiDiArtify® certificate is valid for two years from the time it is issued, after which recertification takes place on request.

  • High quality printed certificate
  • Digital certificate