Partner Network

PiDiArtify® Partner-Network

730pm® establishes a network of licensed partnerns (consulting, implementation and education companies) and train and certifiy their employees. Our partners have many years of experience in the implementation of digital transformation projects and digital products. Together, we offer customized solutions for our customers using PiDiArtify®, the process-driven approach.

PiDiArtify® Partner-License Model

730pm offers a PiDiArtify license to selected companies as part of a partnership. The company license enables partners to apply the PiDiArtify® methodology but also to use the brand in marketing and sales.  Furthermore, the partner becomes a part of the PiDiArtify® community and is preferentially referred by 730pm in case of customer requests for PiDiArtify® projects.

The goal of 730pm is to establish PiDiArtify® as THE premium quality feature for business processes.

Different licenses are available considering the focus and requirements of the potential partner:

  • License for consultants and consulting companies          (PiDiArtify® Partner - Consulting)
  • License for IT and Software Development companies      (PiDiArtify® Partner - Implementation)
  • License for trainer and education companies                    (PiDiArtify® Partner - Trainer)
  • License for partners with overlapping focus areas 

Would you like to receive more information about a partnership?

For selected companies with a focus on consulting and implementation of digital solutions, as well as trainers and training providers, we offer an enterprise license. Benefit from the possibilities of the process-driven approach for your projects. Send us a message and we will get back to you promptly.