Vision & Mission


Our Vision 

Our vision is a world in which all business and specialist processes are implemented with PiDiArtify, i.e. are automated in a high-quality, efficient, sustainable, transparent and flexible manner.
With this, we create and shape the digital transformation industry. 



Our Mission

We want to give everyone in the world the opportunity to benefit from digital transformation by implementing digital business models with the process-driven approach. We achieve this through our partner network, an innovative training and certification concept, and a vibrant ecosystem.   


PiDiArtify® Workshops

Would you like to visualize, improve and reinvent your business processes and finally take the reins of digital transformation into your own hands? Then you are exactly on the right place with our offer!
In our unique workshop offering, you will not only learn the correct handling of "all" elements that BPMN provides for the modeling of processes, but you will also understand the interrelationships in its use for the digital transformation of real business processes and entire companies! Furthermore, you will learn how these business processes become automated, flexibly adaptable and easily maintainable through the process-driven approach with PiDiArtify and decisively improve the transparency of all processes in the company.