Digital transformation as an opportunity for technological autonomy

The challenge of digital transformations is to redesign existing business models or to introduce new ones. It is necessary to redefine both company-wide enterprise processes and functional operations. Experience shows that the adaptation of analog processes inevitably leads to complexity, clumsiness and lack of clarity and in this sense does not represent a digital transformation. A bad analog process remains a bad process even after digitization.

We help to develop and set up individualized models that are transparent and clear for everyone. With BPMN and PiDiArtify®, these processes can be automated and customized without restrictions. In this way, they generate true innovation, increased efficiency and maintainability, and can generate competitive advantage.

The art of methodical process automation

PiDiArtify® is the initiative behind the process-driven approach and it stands for a new generation of processes or process applications. It represents high-quality implemented and completely transparent solutions developed according to the methodology of the process-driven approach. They follow the process-driven architecture as described by Dr. Volker Stiehl in his basic articles and books. These kinds of applications benefit from the numerous advantages.

PiDiArtify® - The initiative to increase the position of software users. 
Customers modeling and creating processes with PiDiArtify® or buying these process applications can be confident to get full transparency of their running business and functional processes: 

  •  Flexibility in your processes 
  • Rapid adaptability to new situations 
  • Efficiency at both:
    • the development of new solutions 
    • the further development of existing solutions 
    • as well as the operation of their existing processes

  • No IT knowledge necessary, knowledge of the business processes is sufficient 

Following the motto "Don't trust software that you haven't seen programming yourself!" PiDiArtify® strengthens the position of software users towards their suppliers, the software companies, and empowers them with a voice. Demand software that complies with the PiDiArtify quality standard. This is the only way to ensure that you get exactly what was ordered and that can be used in the long run. Meet your software suppliers on eye level in the future - PiDiArtify® supports you!



Certificate program

The certification ensures the development of architecturally sustainable, transparent and high-quality processes and business applications, that are planned, implemented, maintained and operated by exceptionally well trained personnel. Process Engines and development environments are being used, in which the development of ideal process-driven applications is possible. This is what PiDiArtify® stands for!

The label "PiDiArtified" is obtained through a certification. No process or process application receives the PiDiArtified award if it has not been verified by us or licensed partners as such in accordance with the PiDiArtify® quality criteria. But not only processes and process applications can be awarded in this quality way. Also project managers, software architects, process consultants, process developers or operators of process solutions can (and should) be certified accordingly.

The authorization to use the title "PiDiArtified" is only given to prospective customers through an examination of its knowledge and qualification, also conducted by 730pm. You want to participate as a company in spreading the PiDiArtify idea? That's no problem at all. As a PiDiArtify® partner, you are also entitled to certify after appropriate training! Of course, the process engines and development environments are also important. They can also be certified. Especially for Process Engines, a lot of effort is invested in the highest quality during the certification process. The process-driven approach relies on BPMN as the modeling notation. The use of BPMN in real business scenarios also showed how valuable the entire BPMN palette is in the implementation of such scenarios.
This is certainly one of the main distinguishing features of the process-driven approach compared to alternative solutions. In alternative approaches, the BPMN notation scope is regularly restricted since certain BPMN constructs are ostensibly either too complicated or not needed. But this is a misconception. Especially in the real world, the entire BPMN notation is highly relevant for process modeling. Without ifs and buts. Consequently, companies that want to have their process engine certified according to the PiDiArtify quality criteria have to face the entire BPMN standard. However, the experience in dealing with process engines also shows that currently manufacturers of process engines actually still have problems to cover the entire BPMN standard. Therefore an additional subdivision into gold, silver and bronze certificates takes place depending on how well the manufacturers succeed in being able to execute at least the most important BPMN constructs. In summary, the PiDiArtify certification stands for a new holistic quality standard for the implementation of processes and process applications!


Would you like to visualize, improve and reinvent your business processes and finally take the reins of digital transformation into your own hands? Then you are exactly on the right place with our offer!
In our unique workshop offering, you will not only learn the correct handling of "all" elements that BPMN provides for the modeling of processes, but you will also understand the interrelationships in its use for the digital transformation of real business processes and entire companies! Furthermore, you will learn how these business processes become automated, flexibly adaptable and easily maintainable through the process-driven approach with PiDiArtify and decisively improve the transparency of all processes in the company.